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Upcoming events with the Sámi poet, musician, actor and activist Niillas Holmberg. 

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Sano se saameksi has been awarded with State Award for Publising Information! Read about the prize here.  Sano se saameksi is an online web documentary about Saami languages. It contains a phrase book (Finnish-Northern Saami, Swedish-Northern Saami), short documentaries, articles on Saami languages and short guide into Saami culture.  The English version of the site is in progress.



Niillas travelled visited the UK Parliament to discuss Saami rights issues with Labout MP Catherine West. They talked about possibilities to raise the issue in the UK Parliament. Read more about it on YLE.



 Ellos Deatnu on Čearretsuolu island. Photo: CJ Utsi

Ellos Deatnu on Čearretsuolu island. Photo: CJ Utsi

Last summer a movement called Ellos Deatnu (Long live Deatnu) was established in the Deatnu river valley as a reaction to the discriminative fishing regulations issued by the States of Finland and Norway earlier this year. Ellos Deatnu fights for Saami self-determination and works to preserve the Atlantic Salmon in the river Deatnu. Niillas has been part of Ellos Deatnu from the beginning. Read more about Ellos Deatnu and its moratorium (state free zone) here and follow it on facebook and instagram. Also, YLE's new reportage on the issue has just been published.

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Niillas Holmberg is a Saami poet, musician, actor and activist. He has published five books of poetry and has been translated into more than ten languages. As a musician he works as a vocalist, guitarist, composer and lyricist. He performs with four bands: arctic folk music with Niillas Holmberg & Roope Mäenpää and Niillas Holmberg Kvarteahtta, world music with Nordic Namgar and electronic music with YLVA. All bands work and perform internationally. Niillas has also worked as an actor on theatre and TV.

For many years he has been involved in several movements against exploitation of nature, such as mining, in the traditional Saami areas. Environmental and cultural aspects are the core of his artistic expression and he is known as an upfront spokesman for Saami and indigenous rights to self-determination.

Niillas lives in his native Ohcejohka (Utsjoki), Saamiland (occupied by Finland). 

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