Niillas Holmberg

poetry & music from the north

Upcoming events with the Sámi poet, musician, actor and activist Niillas Holmberg. 


Photo: Paadar Images

YLVA is a mysterious group who have just released their debut album, with electronic music as the foundation. Four musicians have come together from three nations with musical backgrounds completely different from each other: Stefan Kvarnström, Antero Priha, Asko Keränen and Niillas Holmberg. They work under one rule: Never work together. Except on stage. With Sámi chanting and jazz trumpet combined with various dancy atmospheres, Ylva looks to bring something completely new and unique to the fields of electronic and indigenous music.

The debut album YLVA was released in May 2016 on Bone Voyage Recordings. It is available to order from the bone shop.


The full album is available at SpotifyDeezer and at the bone shop. The singles Roryda & Weeo are also available at iTunes and Beatport.

The band

    •    Niillas Holmberg (vocals)

    •    Antero Priha (trumpet)

    •    Asko Keränen (iPhone and stuff)

    •    Stefan Kvarnström (synthesizer and percussions)